Creative Steelworx was born out of a passion to turn reclaimed steel into magnificent masterpieces. The artist and sculptor, Morne Geldenhuys, practically fell into this profession when playing around with his welder, grinder and an old steel garden spade. This hobby has since resulted into a decade long passion for creating various sculptures.

Morne uses a variety of materials, including, but not limited to flat bars, round bars, washers, cogs and even horse shoes. In fact he has the ability to take almost any piece of scrap metal and turn it into a thing of beauty.

Morne’s trademark is his “almost human” range. These life size sculptures capture the human figure in an abstract, yet quite life like situation. Morne’s work is finished to an exceptionally high quality, with all pieces receiving 7 layers of powder coating. This not only gives the sculptures a silky decadent feel and adds to their beautiful glossy finish, but it also offers protection against the elements.

Morne works alongside his son, Nathan, who too, has developed a passion for creating these extraordinary pieces.

Morne’s work can be found globally, from New York to Italy, with the majority of his artwork in his native South Africa.